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Trucking in difficult times of the Pandemic

The world was hit by an unforeseen crisis in the shape of the covid-19 pandemic which affected the entirety of the human race. There was a severe impact on economies, trade, and businesses. The supply-demand ratios of the majority of commodities were immensely shaken up with widespread panic and imposed lockdowns from the regulatory authorities. Considering the population density, health care capacity, existing poverty, and environmental factors with more than 420,000 infected people and about 8300 plus mortalities, community transmission of the coronavirus happened rapidly in Pakistan as well. To keep up with the haphazard demands of different goods, the trucking industry was one of the essential working sectors which were operational during the lockdowns and pandemics.

Trucking is the most integral part of the trade, logistics, and supply chain. The industry completes the vital task of transporting all loads across the whole manufacturing and distribution process. It was the trucking business on the frontline as the source of continuity for the supply chain of essentials for the entire population. The lockdown kept the dwellers inside while the truckers were on the roads making sure everyone was receiving fundamentals to survive. This sudden rise in supply chain demand alongside disruptions due to the restrictions was the ordeal this industry had to face. 

Issues faced by the Truckers:

There was a sudden supply-demand imbalance with an increase in panic buying due to regulatory news. Aisles at supermarkets were getting empty right after filling them up. Truckers were buckled up in their driving seats to provide for the skyrocketing demand levels.

Despite the increase in trucking supply demand due to essential goods, there were severe dips in demand for non-consumer goods, affecting a major chunk of stakeholders involved with the trucking industry.

Online logistics platform in Pakistan:

A paradigmatic shift towards online substitutes was observed throughout different sectors. Online shopping and e-commerce experienced high growth levels with people choosing options that allowed them minimal contact with the virus that had stricken the outside world. This trend also propagated the digitization of the trucking industry.

Among the best online logistics platforms is Trukkr which aims to digitize the logistic industry and flourish it with the best possible means during and in the post-pandemic period through its one window solution that seamlessly connects users with truckers in real-time. Apart from this, the technologically advanced platform also enables you to keep track of the whole process through features like contextual tracking and live updates that ensure timely delivery of every shipment. Thus saving a lot of time and effort, and enabling all stakeholders to take precautionary measures through the contactless booking of all types of vehicles and managing shipment of goods easily and conveniently.


Pandemic was and still is a very challenging situation for everyone. The situation was novel and unprecedented. Mankind had to suffer and adapt to a new normal. The trucking industry with all its stakeholders was also standing on the frontlines to combat the atrocities created by it. The truck drivers, who were one of the many frontliners, were also working tirelessly outside while everyone else was made to dwell indoors to curb the spread of the virus. They made sure to keep the supply chain for essentials and basic utilities as unaffected as possible which played a big role in helping Pakistan keep any shortage of necessities at bay, and we sincerely thank all our truck drivers for their bravery and steadfastness during these difficult times.

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