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Traditional ADDA and Trukkr

Logistics platform 

Transportation of shipments, heavy and bulky loads always requires huge vehicles like trucks and lorries. The logistics industry plays important role in the continuation of many supply chains. Traditionally, the truck ADDAS are the places where you go and book the truck for the conveyance of your goods. On the contrary, we have online logistics platforms that make this whole process more convenient. Among such platforms, trukkr is a leading and competitive online logistics platform in Pakistan. They aim to create a reliable and convenient connection between the clients and the transporters.


Changes in the logistics industry 

The transportation of the goods is not an easy task as you have to take care of a lot of matters. The management of the transportation process is complicated but the online logistics platforms make it far more convenient. There are many online trucking platforms in Pakistan but the trukkr has some x-factors that are as follows.

Transportation management 

Keeping a record and track of all the steps of transportation manually is something inhuman. For this purpose, you need to take the help of the artificial intelligence of machines and the internet. Therefore trukkr the online logistics platform changes the horizon of transportation. It makes it easier to book the truck at a reasonable pricing with a satisfactory guarantee of the good’s safety and timely delivery. The data and information of the transporter and the client are recorded and save with the trukkr management to make sure the authenticity of the whole process through e-documentation. Whereas at traditional adda it get difficult to keep a record manually.

Shipment management 

The trukkr keeps track of your shipment during the transportation and even makes it visible to you as well. With this feature, you can monitor the movement of your shipment. In contrast, this is not humanly possible in traditional trucking booked through the traditional adda.

Customer service 

The efficient service please and attracts more of the customers. Trukkr makes sure that their clients are well informed about their transportation, delivery, and the status of the shipment. However, the clients can have a look at the reporting and the data analysis of their shipment on their dashboard of trukkr but to be more careful trukkr provides the SMS alert. Through SMS and the email facility, trukkr keeps you informed about the in transit and the arrival of your shipment.



Trukkr is a leading and competitive logistics platform that ensures a safe and reliable connection between the transporters and the clients of their shipments. Moreover, this online platform enhances the experience of trucking with remarkable customer service and extraordinary features. The traditional or offline trucking cannot keep a complete record of the shipment’s transportation. While, the trukkr ensures you about the safety and on-time delivery of the shipment. Along with these features, trukkr has the data and information of both the transporters and the clients. Plus the reasonable pricing and hassle-free booking of the shipments make it more attractive to the clients. Thus the trukkr has changed the game of transportation in comparison with the traditional trucking.




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